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  • òpárt — in opárt a m (ȍ ȃ; ȃ) um. umetnostna smer v drugi polovici 20. stoletja, temelječa na optičnih učinkih barve in oblike: opart in popart …   Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika

  • opart — op art also Op Art (ŏp) n. A school of abstract art characterized by the use of geometric shapes and brilliant colors to create optical illusions, as of motion, and free the art of all but visual associations.   [optical art.] * * * …   Universalium

  • opart — OP ÁRT s.n. Tendinţă în arta contemporană care încearcă îmbogăţirea expresivităţii imaginii abstracte prin obţinerea unor efecte optice, în funcţie de mişcările privitorului. – Din engl. op[tical] art. Trimis de oprocopiuc, 07.05.2004. Sursa: DEX …   Dicționar Român

  • Treasure Hunter G — Infobox VG| title = Treasure Hunter G developer = Sting publisher = Square designer = Hitoshi Sakimoto (composer) engine = released = Super Famicom vgrelease|JP=May 24, 1996Virtual Console vgrelease|JP=December 25, 2007 genre = Tactical RPG modes …   Wikipedia

  • Kamboja Aupamanyava — The Kambojas are a very ancient Kshatriya tribe of the north western parts of the Indian subcontinent, of what now forms north eastern Afghanistan and southern parts of Tajikstan. They are frequently mentioned in ancient Indian texts, although… …   Wikipedia

  • Scholarship among Ancient Kambojas — The Kambojas are an ancient people of the north western Indian subcontinent (Central Asia), frequently mentioned in ancient Indian texts (though not directly in the Rig Veda). They spoke an Indo Iranian derived language, an Indo European family… …   Wikipedia

  • Оп-арт — Оптическое искусство (опарт сокращённый вариант от англ. optical art оптическое искусство) художественное течение второй половины XX века, использующее различные оптические иллюзии, основанные на особенностях восприятия плоских и пространственных …   Википедия

  • Combat Mission (computer game series) — Combat Mission is the name of two series of computer games simulating tactical battles. CMX1 refers to a set of games using the original game engine, set in the Second World War (WWII). CMX2 has been released in July 2007 and features a new game… …   Wikipedia

  • Syndemic — refers to the concentration of two or more diseases or other health conditions in a population in which there is some level of biological interaction among the diseases and health conditions that magnifies the negative health effects of one or… …   Wikipedia

  • Georg Klusemann — Georg Klusemann, (born 13 May 1942 in Essen at the Kluse; died 4 May 1981 in Pisa) was a prolific artist and a children book author.Although he died at only 38 years of age, Georg Klusemann left behind an extensive body of deeply original… …   Wikipedia

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