vb., -r, -de, -t

Dansk ordbog. 2015.

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  • Ridley — This interesting surname is of Anglo Saxon origin, and is a locational name from any of various places in England so called. Ridley in Cheshire, recorded as Riddeleg in 1255, and in Northumberland, recorded as Ryddeley in 1268, derive from the… …   Surnames reference

  • rid — [13] The verb rid was borrowed from Old Norse rythja, ancestor of modern Swedish rödja, Danish rydde, and Norwegian rydja. This in turn went back to a prehistoric Germanic *rudjan. Its past participle rid has been used in the context be rid of,… …   The Hutchinson dictionary of word origins

  • third — adj. [þrydde]. RG. 397 …   Oldest English Words

  • rid — I. /rɪd / (say rid) phrase (rid or ridded, ridding) 1. be rid of, to be free from (something objectionable): anything to be rid of the pain. 2. be well rid of, to benefit from the loss of (something) or the absence of (someone): my mother said I… …   Australian English dictionary

  • afrydde — af|ryd|de vb., r, de, t (rydde af bordene) …   Dansk ordbog

  • afskove — af|sko|ve vb., r, de, t (rydde for skov) …   Dansk ordbog

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