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  • Jomvikings — The Jomsvikings were a possibly legendary company of Viking mercenaries or brigands of the 900s and 1000s, dedicated to the worship of such deities as Odin and Thor. They were staunchly pagan, but they reputedly would fight for any lord able to… …   Wikipedia

  • Jomsvikings — luchando en la Batalla de Hjörungavágr. Los Jomsvikings fueron unos míticos mercenarios vikingos muy activos entre los siglos X y XI, fieles al culto de Odin y Thor. Eran leales a su paganismo nórdico, pero su reputación cruzaba la frontera de …   Wikipedia Español

  • Jomsvikings — Les Jomsvikings combattant à la bataille de Hjörungavágr. Les Jomsvikings ou Vikings de Jómsborg étaient une troupe de mercenaires Vikings aux IXe et Xe siècles, vouée à l’adoration de déités telles que …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Vinland Saga (manga) — Infobox animanga/Header name = Vinland Saga caption = Cover of the Afternoon printing of Vinland Saga volume 1, featuring the character Thorfinn ja name = ヴィンランド・サガ ja name trans = Vinrando Saga genre = Historical fiction, ActionInfobox… …   Wikipedia

  • Canute the Great — Infobox British Royalty|Monarch name=Canute the Great title=King of England, Denmark, Norway and the Swedes imagesize= 200px reign=England: 1016 1035 Denmark: 1018 1035 Norway: 1028 1035 successor=Harold Harefoot (England) Harthacanute (Denmark)… …   Wikipedia

  • Vagn Åkesson — was a Norseman of the late 900s, mentioned in the Jómsvíkinga saga . At the age of 12 Vagn, a precocious warrior, applied for admission to the mercenary brotherhood of the Jomsvikings. According to the Jómsvíkinga saga , Vagn was the son of Aki,… …   Wikipedia

  • Battle of Fýrisvellir — Infobox Military Conflict conflict=Battle of Fýrisvellir caption=After the battle of Fýrisvellir, by Mårten Eskil Winge (1888). partof= date= c. 984 place= Uppsala, Sweden result= Jomsviking defeat combatant1= The Swedish leidang combatant2=… …   Wikipedia

  • Vagn Åkesson — era un vikingo de finales del siglo X que se cita en la saga Jomsvikinga. A la edad de 12 años Vagn que era un precoz guerrero, solicitó entrar a formar parte de la hermandad mercenaria de los Jomsvikings. Según la saga, Vagn era hijo de Aki, a… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Thorkell le Grand — Les jomsviking combattant sous une pluie de pierre à la bataille du détroit de Hjörung. Thorkell le Grand (Þorke(ti)ll inn hávi en vieux norrois) était un noble jomsviking, fils de Strut Harald et frère de Sigvaldi. Il vécut à la fin du X …   Wikipédia en Français

  • 1035 — Events* Harald I becomes king of England. * Harthacanute becomes king of Denmark. * Magnus I becomes king of Norway. * William II (the future William I of England) becomes duke of Normandy. * Construction on the cathedral of Saint Sabino begins… …   Wikipedia

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