sb., -et, skrab, -ene

Dansk ordbog. 2015.

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  • skrab — skrȁb m DEFINICIJA bot. biljna zajednica australskih bodljikavih šikara ETIMOLOGIJA engl. scrub …   Hrvatski jezični portal

  • Scrabble — /skrab euhl/, Trademark. a brand name for a game combining anagrams and crosswords in which two to four players use counters of various point values to form words on a playing board. * * * Game in which two to four players compete in forming… …   Universalium

  • scrabbly — /skrab lee/, adj., scrabblier, scrabbliest. 1. insignificantly small or sparse: scrabbly tufts of grass sprouting from the parched lawn. 2. scratchy; raspy. [1940 45; SCRABBLE + Y1] * * * …   Universalium

  • skrabning — skrab|ning sb., en, er, erne …   Dansk ordbog

  • skrabnæse — skrab|næ|se sb. (et selskabsspil med pinde) …   Dansk ordbog

  • skrabsammen — skrab|sam|men sb. (itk.) (ragelse) …   Dansk ordbog

  • skrabud — skrab|ud sb. (itk.), skrabud; gøre skrabud (hilse meget ærbødigt) …   Dansk ordbog

  • scrab — ˈskrab verb (scrabbed ; scrabbed ; scrabbing ; scrabs) Etymology: perhaps from Dutch schrabben, from Middle Dutch : scratch …   Useful english dictionary

  • Scrab|ble — «SKRAB uhl», verb, bled, bling, noun. –v.i. 1. to scratch or scrape about, as with hands or claws; scramble: »to scrabble up a sandbank. She scrabbled among the papers (H. G. Wells). 2. to struggle or scramble feverishly or desperately: »to… …   Useful english dictionary

  • скребу — скрести, скресть, укр. скребу, скребти, блр. скребаць, цслав. оскребѫ, словен. škrebati, škrẹbljem; с др. ступенью чередования: словен. škrabati, чеш. škrab царапина , škrabati царапать, скрести , слвц. škrаbаt᾽, польск. skrobac, в. луж. škrabac …   Этимологический словарь русского языка Макса Фасмера

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